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Commissioned Surveys

Question Design

If you commission a question, you will receive a thirty-minute consultation call with one of our expert advisors. They will work with you to understand your objectives, identify if we already hold the data you need in our back catalogue and help you to craft a question that ensures we gather the data you need. We can also create questions that target a subset of participants to provide you with data on specialised subjects.

24-Hour Survey

Questions are scheduled to go out every weekday at 3.30pm and teachers are given twenty-four hours to respond, although many answer in the first hour! We currently have over 7,000 teachers answering questions each day. The twenty-four-hour window for responses ensures that we gather up-to-the-minute data. It also allows teachers to benefit from ongoing free CPD as they gain almost immediate insight into how their experience and opinions compare to others.

Analysis Within Hours

As soon as the poll closes top-level results will be available on the app. Within forty-eight hours (often much sooner!) you will receive an exclusive, bespoke analysis of the data relating to your commissioned question. You will be able to view the data across numerous cross tabs or demographics. Each teacher is given a “weight” according to whether teachers like them are over or under-represented in our sample. This ensures that the results we provide are representative of all teachers in England.

Our Services

Back Catalogue Data

Spotted a question on Teacher Tapp that we’ve already asked and you’d like to see the results?

Our back catalogue has over 3,000 questions and results are available immediately at £250 per question.

No Waiting – Cheapest Option – Representative & Reliable

Sign up to receive a monthly catalogue of new questions added to our database.

Promotional Ad Campaigns

Each day we have one text-only advert slot on Teacher Tapp, seen by over 7,000 teachers.

Our engagement rates regularly beat social media and we have many happy returning customers.

ONE Advert A Day – Thousands See It – Easy Targetting

We can precisely target particular subsets of teachers who might be interested in your product, service or offer. A Teacher Tapp advisor will review your campaign goals and work with you to develop a strategy that will help you to achieve them.

Brand Tracking

Don’t keep spending time running after the wrong customers!

Our innovative Brand Tracker service helps organisations track their market reach and perceived value among customers.

Your customised report analyses our data to show your perfect, problem, possible and potential customers. By the end you will know which teachers best respond to your product so you can better target future marketing efforts.

Find Your Best Users – Detailed Easy-to-See Analytics for Boards or Annual Reports

Our ‘Deep Dive’ Brand Reports also help track performance over time and are designed to be useful for Board Meetings and Annual Reports. Use us and you’ll never have to scramble around looking for impact data again!

International Panels

Teacher Tapp is available in other countries!

Education Intelligence currently has university partners operating Teacher Tapp Netherlands and Teacher Tapp Flanders. 

We are open to new opportunities with partners in other countries. If you can bring the ability to write the questions and build the community, we can bring the technology!

Reports & Insights

Are you looking to access a large panel of teachers for a piece of academic research or a think-tank report? We do that too!

Our data team, led by Professor Becky Allen, are specialists in making research accurate, reliable and hits academic and media standards.

Recent reports we’ve worked on include The Gatsby Foundation’s report on Teacher Labour Markets, the EEF’s Learning in Lockdown project, and the Sutton Trust’s detailed briefings on Digital Access During Covid.

Large projects always have distinct requirements so it’s easiest to discuss these early on. Please contact us and we will set up a no-obligation call to figure out what we can do to help!

Have a question? Let us help!

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