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Promotional Ad Campaigns

Education Intelligence Promotional Ad Campaign Report

Advertising works best when you aim it at the perfect audience. So if you’re marketing to school staff, it makes sense to use Education Intelligence – it allows you to create targeted advertising thousands of teachers across England.

Your ads will be seen on the Teacher Tapp app by thousands of daily users. Teachers, headteachers, and school staff from across England will be able to click through directly to your website or product page. This means an audience of thousands of highly-engaged potential customers for your business, all at your fingertips.

By using Education Intelligence and Teacher Tapp for your advertising to teachers in England, you’ll benefit from:

  • A ready-made audience – saving you the resources it would take to create targeted campaigns on your own
  • An engaged community – meaning your advert will be seen by real teachers every day, who might interact with your brand
  • Advice from the experts – we want to help your brand to succeed, so we’ll make sure your campaign is right for our audience, and help you to maximise your advertising success
  • In-depth reporting and analytics – we’ll let you know exactly how people responded to your advert, helping you to fine-tune your overall strategy.

It’s the simplest, easiest, and most intuitive way to advertise to teachers. No more wasted time trying to create audience segments from scratch – the hard work has already been done for you!

With Education Intelligence, you’re getting help from a company who really cares about those on the front line of education. Our audience trust us to show them ads that are in their best interests, meaning your campaigns are more likely to be well-received.

To find out more about advertising to UK teachers with Education Intelligence and Teacher Tapp, simply get in contact using the button below. We can talk you through the process, answer any questions, and help you to craft the perfect ad.