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Brand Perception Analysis

Education Intelligence Brand Perception Analysis Report

If you’re marketing to schools, teachers, or senior leadership teams, feedback from these groups can be invaluable for your marketing efforts, and for making a real difference to those in the classroom.

This is where brand perception research and analysis come in – and with Education Intelligence, this process is simple, quick, and reliable.

Using our brand perception analysis, you can ask your ideal audience questions such as:

  • Have you heard of…?
  • Have you used… recently?
  • Would you recommend…?

The data will come in real time from our trusted and diverse network of thousands of teachers and school leaders from across England.

You’ll receive regular results, alongside detailed analysis from one of our expert data team – helping you to drive real, positive change. We can provide benchmark reporting over time, deep-dive reports, and whatever else you need, allowing you to track perception of your brand most effectively.

You can use the data and analysis from your brand perception survey to tweak your product, service, or marketing strategy, enabling you to bring your perfect service to your perfect audience.

Using our brand perception analysis tool is straightforward and easy, and our innovative data capture gives you a genuine snapshot of what teachers across the UK are thinking right now.

To get started, simply register your interest and one of our team will be in touch to chat through the option that’s best for you.