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Every day we survey over 7000 teachers to build a picture of what is really happening on the ground in schools. Our data will help you find out what schools really need to make their working environment better and more productive for pupils.

Our education market research agency has delivered over 3,000 questions for 200 businesses, charities and researchers since 2017

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“Teacher Tapp helped us to reach our desired audience with ease. Having tried ourselves, we found they provided speedy responses in a simple yet effective way making it easier for us to keep our focus on our goals. An excellent service which we continue to use and will do in the future”

Ben Ashmore, Head of Comms, Chartered College of Teaching
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How Comissioned Surveys and Questions Work

Question Design

If you commission a question, you will receive a thirty-minute consultation call with one of our expert advisors. They will work with you to understand your objectives, identify if we already hold the data you need in our back catalogue and help you to craft a question that ensures we gather the data you need. We can also create questions that target a subset of participants to provide you with data on specialised subjects.

24-Hour Survey

Questions are scheduled to go out every weekday at 3.30pm and teachers are given twenty-four hours to respond, although many answer in the first hour! We currently have over 7,000 teachers answering questions each day. The twenty-four-hour window for responses ensures that we gather up-to-the-minute data. It also allows teachers to benefit from ongoing free CPD as they gain almost immediate insight into how their experience and opinions compare to others.

Analysis Within Hours

As soon as the poll closes top-level results will be available on the app. Within 48 hours (often much sooner!) you will receive an exclusive, bespoke analysis of the data relating to your commissioned question. You will be able to view the data across numerous cross tabs or demographics. Unlike some other education market research companies, each teacher is given a “weight” according to whether teachers like them are over or under-represented in our sample. This ensures that the results we provide are representative of all teachers in England.

Other Services

Commissioned Surveys & Questions

Want quick access to a representative sample for a poll? We can deliver this!

Speedy results delivered within 48 working hours and with unparalleled detail.

Back Catalogue Data & Education insight reports

Seen some questions on Teacher Tapp and want to know what’s behind the results? Got a bespoke research commission? Let us know what you need.

We also run monthly Brand Tracker services so you can find out if your organisation is loved (or not!) by teachers.

We have ONE daily advertising spot that’s seen by every teacher on Teacher Tapp.

Our click rates are highly successful, regularly beating social media, and we provide an insights report after so you know which types of teachers want your products most.

If you don’t see an option that quite meets your needs, please get in touch. We can create customised questions, customised targeted advertising and bespoke bundles to meet your needs and budget. We’re an education market research agency with a heart – every business has unique research needs, and we are committed to finding the perfect solution for you..

Every day at 3.30pm, Teacher Tapp pings its panel teachers a short education survey which they complete on their mobile phones in minutes. On any given day more than 7,000 teachers answer which produces a bank of rich, up-to-the-minute data on the daily lives of teaching staff. Use the information to make better decisions, advocate for change, get press attention or tweak a product.

Our data speaks for itself…

Greater Teacher Insight

“ Education Intelligence gave us useful insight into what teachers really think about one-to-one tuition. We we were able to blend this sentiment with our annual impact data from our schools programmes to tell a fuller story about how one-to-one tuition is transforming outcomes. Working with Education Intelligence was quick, easy and personalised – their experience of the education space meant she was able to optimise our questions for more relevant results and the data breakdown afterwards was really useful.”

James Grant, MyTutor, Co-Founder

Education for Wellbeing

We worked with Education Intelligence on our school staff wellbeing consultation. The team were helpful and responsive to queries and requests. Their knowledge and insight into both the subject matter and the analysis of the results were incredibly valuable to our project.

Tim Linehan, Anna Freud, Head of Communications

Unrivalled Teacher Engagement

At Pearson, we are always looking for new ways to engage with teachers. We recently ran a sponsored link with Education Intelligence to invite teachers to join the Pearson Research Community. The response was great – it is one of the most successful campaigns we’ve done for PRC.

Caroline Wheeler, Pearson, Market Research Manager




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Questions Asked

24 hrs

Polling time

Laura McInerney

Education Specialists

Co founders Becky Allen and Laura McInerney, are former teachers who believe that understanding teachers’ lives will help schools to retain staff and reduce the number of people leaving the profession. Becky is England’s top education data expert, and Laura is the former editor of the newspaper, Schools Week. They developed Teacher Tapp with Alex Weatherall, a former physics teacher, who built the app.

They were determined to be better than other education market research companies. This meant keeping teachers at the heart of Education Intelligence, and committing to improving wellbeing for everyone working in education.

Together, the team offer years of experience in the education sector and are committed to providing custom solutions for businesses, researchers and policymakers seeking to collect the data they need to effect positive change in the education sector.


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Unlike social media surveys, and some other education market research companies, we reweight our sample afterwards using workforce data, so that the answers are representative of the the whole teacher population. Our results are trusted by the media, including the BBC, and are used by the Office for National Statistics and official government datasets.

Polls go out every day of the year for 24 hours. Once the polls close, we reweight and clean the data before writing a customised report highlighting the key findings. Your results are back to you within 48 working hours from the close of the poll. Slots are always subject to availability though, so book in early!

Results are shared with you in spreadsheets and in customised easy-to-read graphs and tables in a PDF. They are easy to share with other people in the organisation. And because we only provide aggregate statistics (never individual data) there are no messy compliance issues and no one needs to fiddle around with the data to make it presentable!

As many as you’d like! But there are some conditions as to how you do this. On any given day we only ask 3 questions to our whole panel. If you would like to ask more than 3 questions we have two options: split them across several days, or ask them as an optional question set. Although the latter sample size is smaller you do get the added benefit of the results being hidden from the panel too!

Yes! We will advise in advance how big the group is in the sample, and make sure it is suitably large. We’ve targeted questions specifically at maths, science, primary, female – all kinds of teachers! (Maternity leave questions are a prime example of where targetting is needed).

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